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Death of a loved one

Death of a loved one Everyday we hear about death – on the news, in the papers, and we all want to believe that it’ll never happen to us. Of course, most of us will experience the death of someone close sooner or later. Each loss is a highly individual experience. There is no setContinue reading “Death of a loved one”

Anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety and panic attacks This page is for anyone affected by anxiety or panic attacks, friends and relatives of people who experience anxiety and those who are starting out working with people who are affected may also find it useful. The page is designed to illustrate some of the common causes of anxiety, its effects andContinue reading “Anxiety and panic attacks”

What causes low self-esteem

What causes low self-esteem Major negative experiences in childhood or adult life can shake your core beliefs and cause them to change. This will normally happen over time and you might not realise at first that your self-esteem is being lowered. Experiences that commonly impact on people’s self-beliefs (self-esteem) include: being subject to abuse –Continue reading “What causes low self-esteem”

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