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Safe Place Guided Imagery Recording

Just as difficult thoughts can create difficult feelings and sensations within our bodies, imagery-based relaxation exercises can support us in creating calming and soothing experience.  This guided imagery can helps you visualise and visit your own personal special safe place in your mind’s eye. As you walk through this guided imagery you can experience the calmness and security you feel in this place. You can then focus your mind’s eye on visiting this safe place and returning to those calm, safe feelings whenever it is helpful in your life.

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Light Stream Exercise

Let yourself be calm and relaxed as you are guided to a comfortable state. Learning this technique, can help you deal with the tension which arises through the demands of everyday life

The 4 Elements Exercise 

This exercise was initially developed by Elan Shapiro to create a sense of safety and stabilisation using guided imagery and breathing techniques to reduce the stress and anxiety that can become part of our lives.

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The Safety Bubble exercise

This exercise is a version of a ‘safe place image’ which is very short and can be used if you are feeling distressed or unsafe. Regular use will allow this feeling of safety and comfort to be called on at any time.

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Sleep Now Recording

Hypnotherapy for insomnia can be a very useful therapy as it is a deeply relaxing process, that may allow you to calm your exhausted mind and to let go of those annoying thoughts that pop up before you sleep. This 20 minute hypnosis sleep now hypnosis session may allow you to feel relaxed just before you go to bed.